Our Mission is
to Aid You

Eizou is an emerging graphic & web studio specialized in creating beautiful website and meaningful marketing collateral.

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their needs with creatively crafted design with value and meanings.

We see a possibility in each difficulty

Started out in 2008 as a small graphic design studio, Eizou has now grown as a reliable partner in graphic and web solution for a wide range of clients.

Eizou means visual in Japanese language. The name reflects our attitude towards the work we did for our valuable clients. With skills, knowledges and passion, we make a concept and convert it to a visual that's not just creative but also aesthetically appealing.

We are very passionate about what we do and we are doing our best to deliver our creative works in any kind of forms. We are playful but we take each project seriously.

Up until now, we have handled various clients, from many industries. We tailored our designs to fit each of our clients. We listen to their thoughts and include personalities to our designs so the result could satisfy both our clients and us.

We believe that if we get to know the clients better, the better the result will be. That is why we are always welcome and create a relaxed atmosphere when meeting clients, so we can chat and dig more information and insight into their problems.

Our Team

  • Ken Girisya


    Ken is like a mix of paints, adding a new color into our studio. He's influenced derived mostly from Japanese culture and mangas. He often hides in the corner silently reading or playing games. He likes to go to a bookstore to see a newly added book or even just to see unique stationeries.

  • Andino Agustino


    Andino is a very passionate and cheerful man. He has a unique ability to make other people listen to his advices. His ability in office management is superb. He has many genuine ideas in his mind that he likes to share. Music is also one of his passions and his source of power.

  • Winardi Susanto


    Winardi is a fast learner. He is able to express his vision through the design he made without losing the purpose. This avid gamer and action figure collector literally can't go through a day without his razer megalodon headphones.

  • Andry Muharyo


    With brilliance great skills on designing & developing web based, Andry is a very hardworking developer. He might stay up all night just to make sure our website works properly. He also has other passion to teach a novice the brilliance of web development.

  • Andy Fitria


    Just leave all the functions to Andy and consider it done. He is the mastermind behind all logical thinking for tools and web applications.

  • Thanks to everyone who worked with us or completed an internship at our studio :

    Muhammad Noer Hidayat / Institut Teknologi Nasional

    Marisi Octaviana / Politeknik Negri Jakarta

    Rio Waryono / Institut Teknologi Nasional

    Mirah Tjandra / Universitas Pelita Harah3an

    Tri Susanti / Institut Teknologi Bandung

    Aditya Tri Hanggono / Institut Teknologi Bandung

    Indra Jaya / Universitas Bina Nusantara

    Jethro Tobing / Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Lend us your creative hand!

We are looking for unique and skillful individuals who are very passionate about what they are doing and have ambitions to make it happen. If you are one of them, feel free to drop your portfolio and work application.

We also welcome internship from various universities.

We are looking for Graphic Design and Web Programming interns. If you think you are qualified for this, drop your portfolio to jobs@eizougraphic.com.