We create any kind of design for print and websites. But you can say that our speciality is a design with manual touch.

By incorporating both manual and digital aspect, we can achieve better result than to rely purely on the technology.

We create everything from the scratch.

Nothing is instant with Eizou. We create design from the scratch, which begin with concept, sketches and manual drawings. We're equally focused on the aesthetic, concept and technical aspects of our projects.

When starting a design project, we make a lot of questions to our clients in order to get as many information to start with the project. We use that information to work with the concept and visual styles that reflect client personality and can communicate to their target market. We want to give a life and personality to each of our creation, making it distinctive, unique and aesthetically pleasing.

We still loves to doodle concepts with a pencil and a piece of paper. By freely running strokes on a paper, we can get brighter and sometimes unexpected ideas for the project that we are working. Also we love the excitement of our ideas come to live after getting into the computer.

By practicing this analog or somewhat traditional process, we hone our skills, taste and techniques to create the best design and artwork for the project.

Design Consultation

We listen and think with you, giving you a the best suggestion for the project and solve the creative problem together as a team.


Identity is important for your business. We create unique and original identity to differentiate your company from others, making you leave a strong impression.


Branding is like dressing your company to match your target market. You obviously don't wear a pajamas on a party do you? That is how important branding is.


Say hello with a pretty name card, giving good impression with unique greeting cards and make your company look cool by having professional stationery.


A good publication is something you want to keep for later reading whereas is a brochure, book, magazine or a company profile.


Your product will look more valuable with a good packaging, but don't worry, we make a packaging that looks good and easy to use.